Innovation Research

How do you make sense of the needs of your customers? The sales force is not the most reliable source, market research often falls short, and what arrives at R&D departments is rarely enough for true innovation. Not to mention a real 'feeling' for the customer.

Our research approach aims at the overall picture of factors relevant for success. These include all stakeholders, i.e. besides users and customers retailers, suppliers and other intermediaries. Equally important, however, is a comprehensive understanding of the usage situation, the 'customer journey' and purchase decision, the perception of brands and products or the user's motivation.

We usually only gain this understanding through observations, whether at home, at construction sites, in labs, operation theatres or supermarkets, or on mountain tours. Again and again, the comparison of the users' statements with the actual processes, perceptions and decisions is revealing.

Integrated into a qualitative approach, various quantitative elements complement the exploration as needed. But catalytic tools – from dialogue techniques to implicit methods and stimulus material – or co-creative work with users allow us to avoid the problems of purely analytical research.

The result is deep insights into the life of the product or the flow of an interaction or service, that lead to new solutions and value propositions.

However, we do not leave you alone with the insights, but build on them through intensive joint efforts in the field of Innovation Facilitation.