Innovation Facilitation

Who is responsible for innovation at your company? No-one? R&D? Marketing? The boss himself? – As long as you cannot answer "All of us!", there is room for improvement. Because someone is not integrated enough, and his contribution is missing in the tough competition.

But how do you develop innovations together, structured and without getting bogged down? What kind of ideation suits you? And who decides how to spend the tight budget? With the following services, we would like to help you to practice innovation swiftly, safely and with the participation of all stakeholders.

Inventions coming from behind closed doors is a myth. That's how you read it again and again. But how much openness is sensible? In small but intensive workshops and mostly based on a previous research phase, we develop ideas and let them mature. External participants complement internal views, and where knowledge strands intersect, something new emerges. Individual experiences merge into holistic solutions.

Making the new tangible
Instead of brainstorming or other staged and formal creative techniques, our innovation workshops focus on trying out and experiencing. Ideas do not remain words, they are developed hands-on. From simple materials such as cardboard, adhesive tape and styrofoam, new products take shape and come to life. They then mature into reliable concepts through iterations of building and testing.

Abstract concretise
The planning of business processes, such as a market entry, we facilitate through design using different tools. All, however, have the purpose of making inbuilt uncertainties more imaginable and thus able to assess them. Scenario development, Lego™ SeriousPlay™ or the visualisation of value chains or mapping out business models (Business Model Innovation) allows all participants to conceive strategic tasks in a more concrete way and to identify potential obstacles more quickly.

Large group facilitation
Decentral and non-linear facilitation techniques such as Open Space Technology, World Café, Appreciative Inquiry and Real Time Strategic Change also allow larger groups (from thirty to more than a thousand participants) to work effectively.

Depending on the objective, we will put together a tailor-made approach from our method pool. For questions about the procedures, we are happy to help and look forward to hearing from you!