Innovation Training

With our Innovation Training we bring the basics of user-integrated innovation to a wider audience. What was previously only accessible to our project clients – the knowledge of a meaningful and holistic integration of all stakeholders into the innovation process – is now conveyed in several training formats.

Espresso Workshops User-centred Innovation
Our Espresso Workshops use the particularly unproductive hour immediately after lunch to introduce the participants to user-centred innovation. Similar to an espresso, a mix of short presentations and interactive exercises revitalises the audience. More importantly though, each lecture conveys a self-contained topic and an immediately applicable innovation skill. – The ideal entry point for personnel development.

Research Training
The basics of user research are taught in individual one-day or multi-day training workshops. Both, in terms of content and scope, our trainings are tailored to the needs of the company. In addition to fundamental research skills, the focus is often on individual interview techniques.

Innovation Coaching
The coaching of individual employees builds on the Research Trainings and addresses the greatest deficits. Practicing the techniques, roles and principles in real interviews with real customers and users or accompanying their own innovation projects helps to internalise the methods, master tricky situations and ultimately develop an attitude or promote the development of teams.

To find out more about the workshops, please contact us.